Melissa Brown Blaeuer and Pamela Fadden for New Jersey's 26th Legislative District

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We're bringing the Blue Wave to 2021 with bold solutions and a people-first agenda. "We the people" of LD26 stand for what is right and real. Through the power of shared mission, we can create peace and prosperity.

We will grow local businesses with 21st century ideas, technology and modern infrastructure. We will fight to make healthcare and education affordable and efficient. We will oppose polluting technologies to protect the environment, and champion sustainability with a green economy that preserves biodiversity and future economic and social stability.

We are the voice of reason in a digital wilderness. We put truth before conspiracy and equality before stereotypes. In a field of divide and conquer politics, we put hope before despair.

We work hard. We are visionary. We are proven leaders. And we will change the tone at the top. Thank you for your support.

We want to represent you in New Jersey's #26th Legislative District

Butler North Caldwell West Caldwell Fairfield Jefferson Kinnelon Lincoln Park Morris Plains Montville Parsippany-Troy Hills Rockaway Township Verona West Milford

We are united.

We want our communities to be great places where our children can grow strong and our parents can grow old.
We want vibrant downtowns, peace and security, healthy families, and clean air and water.

Our focus...


We want good jobs and business know how — to build a solid economy in our towns.

We're smart, we work hard, and we deserve to get paid well for it.


We want a great education for our kids — to become good citizens who will prosper and contribute to the economy and a future of innovation and opportunity.


We want new infrastructure homes and businesses that don’t lose power, green energy, fast, affordable internet, modern, well-maintained roads and bridges, and public transit that keeps us going.

...and we don’t want to break the bank
or be taxed out of state for this.

It's not too much to ask!

Volunteer with us,
and help get out the vote.

Send us an email.

Flip LD26 Blue!
Let's change the tone at the top!

A future where YOU come first.

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