We are running to represent YOU

and we’ve done that in our own communities showing up and making a difference.

Meet Melissa

Melissa Brown Blaeuer is a mom, a creative and technology strategy consultant, Economic Development Commissioner, and volunteer. She will give you a powerful voice in Trenton a voice of reason, sincerity and inclusion.

She will fight for a strong economy, a lower cost of living, and strategic, visionary investment.

  • The back and forth and finger pointing is exhausting, enough is enough. We want to go to Trenton to get things done.

  • We need to change the tone of our conversations between each other and across the aisle.

  • Vision creates the future. I listen carefully, and help others to achieve their vision.

  • I am an explorer of possibilities and fresh understanding — I find new ways of seeing things, and I can sell that vision in a vivid way.

  • I’m a Democrat appointed by a Republican mayor to my second term on the Economic Development Commission. I'm a team player who brings out the best in others.

  • I have a record of being involved and getting good things done in local government Economic Development, Environmental Stewardship, Recreation, Beautification, Tourism, and Municipal Utilities.

  • I’ve been at this a long time, and I’m in it for the long haul.

  • The tone at the top is EVERYTHING. Real leaders brave the frontier with vision, courage, humility and commitment.

  • Everything starts with people. Social and criminal justice are a passion and priority of mine. We need policies and a system that foster opportunity and a future for EVERYONE.

We can do so much better.

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