We are running to represent YOU

and we’ve done that in our own communities showing up and making a difference.

Meet Pamela

Pamela Fadden is a mom, an educator, an experienced local union negotiator, and a community advocate.

She will work hard in Trenton for working class families to build a better future — better bridges and infrastructure, affordable college, a higher quality of life and high paying jobs in our corner of New Jersey.

  • As a union negotiator, Pam is advocating for her students and their families their quality of education, their health and emotional needs, and their safety, so that they get the best educational experience we can deliver.

  • This includes the infrastructure of our schools air quality and the heating system.

  • We need to make every moment of education count. We need to invest in our students' education, and that includes modernizing our schools.

  • We need to give our teachers who keep us #1 in the nation the respect they deserve.

We can do so much better.

  • Pam has your back, and your kids’ backs

  • She is a relentless volunteer
    and advocate

  • She has a record of working together, building bridges, and bringing people to consensus.

  • The roads out here are crumbling
    and no one in Trenton is speaking out about it.
    She will.

  • Her voice is not just for her own community but all communities,
    not just her own kids but all kids
    particularly advocating for the needs of the underserved.

  • Pam is laser focused on practical outcomes.

  • She fights for our kids like she fights for her own.

  • She drives practical, common-sense solutions to real problems that residents face every day.

  • She’s known for her collaborative, solution-driven approach.

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