Our Core Values

Melissa and Pamela stand for real, meaningful change,
expressed in these intertwining principles.


Foster a durable business environment for the 21st Century. Support unions and working families to restore the core strength of the middle class at the heart of American liberty and democracy.

  • Invest in the future with sustainable technology and a long-term roadmap of ecological, economic and quality-of-life goals and measurement.

  • Support Green economic proposals and investment, such as solar and wind power, and even more fundamentally, resource-efficient buildings.

  • Support small businesses -- provide training in modern, green technology, energy and infrastructure that make consumption efficient, affordable, and sustainable.

  • Inspire innovation, growth, and faith in the future with real leadership that prioritizes the views of local business owners and employees.

  • Strengthen unions and organized labor as a strategic investment in the future. This will stabilize the middle class needed for a strong, people-focused democracy and the real Main Street economy.

  • The last 40+ years have proved trickle-down economics only empowers wealthy individuals and corporations and weakens the middle-class. We need to build the economy from the ground up, investing in and empowering real people.

  • Make the political and economic landscape fair and just. Those who benefit the most must pay their fair share and give back to contribute to a stable, ethical society.

  • Limit the power and influence of special interests over our elections, officials and public opinion. We need to restore good faith and come to real solutions that benefit the public good.

  • Restore the Fairness Doctrine in broadcast media. This was abandoned in the 1980s as part of deregulation which has enabled a great deal of harm, misinformation, and incivility that has destabilized society, the greater good, and our common interests.

  • Oppose tax increases on working and middle class families. This erodes real wealth-building and broad prosperity.


Foster personal prosperity and maximize personal contributions to society and the economy through affordable, quality college and trade schools for kids and adults to reach their full potential.

  • Promote efficient, effective public school funding and use of modern technology.

  • Insist on civics education to strengthen our democracy and awareness of levers power, influence and politics.

    • Our elections ARE secure -- we oppose all proposals that restrict access to voting for American citizens.

    • We promote participation in our democracy through secure voting, vote by mail and early voting.

    • We advocate for automatic voter registration, an Election Day holiday, and celebration of our right to vote as an American core value.

  • Expand optional Kindergarten for ages 3 and 4.

  • Support trade schools to deliver highly relevant, future-proofed and employable job skills to promote personal and community prosperity with thriving local businesses and services.

  • Curb runaway college costs that restrict future entrepreneurship and broaden investment in affordable, quality college.

  • Add more guidance counselors and social workers to our schools to ensure students have the necessary social, emotional and mental health supports at all grade levels.

  • Focus less on costly, high-stakes testing, and emphasize experiential and creative learning that inspires and innovates.


Invest in modern, clean energy and transportation. Make health care more efficient, transparent, and affordable. Support our workforce with training and affordable, accessible child care, parental flexibility and time off.

  • Examine inefficiency, waste and fraud in our healthcare infrastructure.

  • Promote a public healthcare coverage option that leverages the negotiating power of Medicare.

  • Lower costs of common, essential medications like insulin and epinephrine. These non-luxury products are absurdly expensive, and patient gouging is egregious and unethical.

  • Provide genuine opioid addiction rehabilitation by working with community programs for better outcomes.

  • Advocate for less aggressive, punitive criminal justice and emphasize prevention and rehabilitation that benefits all of society

  • Repair crumbling bridges and improve our road system. Promote fewer cars and innovation in public transportation including buses and trains for commuters.

  • Modernize the energy sector.

    • The Environment New Jersey Research & Policy Center says New Jersey can meet its entire electric demand with wind power alone for decades to come, while strengthening and diversifying our economy.

    • Invest in clean, sustainable resources.

    • Dis-incentivize fossil fuel investments and expansion.

  • Childcare is a kind of infrastructure that greatly impacts personal prosperity and employment capabilities.

  • Address inequities in broadband access to foster broad adoption of modern technology, economic growth, and knowledge sharing.

The 26th Legislative District contributes A LOT in taxes to Trenton.
We deserve greater investment back into our communities ‒
for a sustainable, equal, peaceful, prosperous future.

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