We'll bring REAL representation to

Butler North Caldwell West Caldwell Fairfield Jefferson Kinnelon Lincoln Park Morris Plains Montville Parsippany-Troy Hills Rockaway Township Verona West Milford

Melissa Brown Blaeuer and Pamela Fadden

for New Jersey's 26th Legislative District
Democrats. Professionals. Moms.

People-first, bottom-up economics

  • Build personal and community prosperity with affordable career and business training, practical know-how and an inspired vision of the future.

  • Empower people to reach their full potential with real opportunity.

  • Bottom-up economics to invest in the real value creators, our people.

  • A Main Street approach to wealth, innovation and creativity focused on people and communities. It's what's real and what's been missing from politics. For too long.

  • Sound, common sense wealth building through knowledge, opportunity and innovation.

Lasting growth,
inclusive vision

  • A strong, sustainable, green economy for the 21st Century.

  • Strategic investment in technology, business, infrastructure, healthcare and education.

  • Protect the environment, promote climate stability, biodiversity and well-being.

  • Improve our quality of life with clean energy and food, and non-polluting systems.

  • Collaborate, cooperate, create for enduring strength, stability, peace and leadership.

A voice of reason, respect
and real American values

  • Put people, reason and humility before corporations, chaos and hubris.

  • Liberty and boundaries go hand-in-hand. Respect each other's freedom, equality, faith and fairness, checks and balances, civil rights, voting rights, and the rule of law.

  • Expect even-handed justice that is trustworthy and non-politicized.

  • American patriotism is inspired vision. It is never authoritarian, blind nationalism. Ask George Washington what he fought to create a new, enlightened nation free from oppression and endless conflict.

A campaign necessity.

Funding is how we build our reach.
The support of our friends, endorsers and voters like you is the strength and authority we need to succeed.

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Or mail a check payable to:

Melissa Brown Blaeuer and Pamela Fadden 4 Assembly

P.O. Box 2219, Oak Ridge, NJ 07438


  • NJ-NOW

  • New Jersey Firemen's Benevolent Association (NJ FMBA)

  • NJ Ironworkers Local 11

  • NJEA (Pam)

  • NJ11 for Change

  • Progressive Turnout Project

  • League of Conservation Voters

  • College Democrats of NJ

  • Good Government Coalition of NJ

  • Women’s Political Caucus of New Jersey (WPCNJ)

  • Progressive Change Campaign Committee (Bold Progressives)

  • NJ Democratic Federation of Women

…more to come!

Endorsements / Questions

when we focus on what really matters.


We want strategic investments
and s
ensible policies that build the middle class and help real people without overtaxing them. We want good jobs and business know how — to build a 21st Century economy.
We're smart. We
work hard.
deserve better.


We want a great education for our kids at every age — to become good citizens who will prosper, build wealth and meaningful lives, and contribute to the economy and their communities, and a future of innovation and opportunity.


We want modern infrastructure homes and businesses that don’t lose power, green, clean energy, fast, affordable internet, efficient healthcare and affordable child care, well-maintained roads and bridges, and transit that moves us ahead.


in the wish for our communities to be great places
our children can grow strong
and our parents can grow old.

We want vibrant downtowns, faith in the future,
peace and security,
healthy families, and clean air and water.

...and we don’t want to break the bank
or be taxed out of state.

It's not too much to ask!

Voting Information in New Jersey

In-person early voting runs October 23-31

Flyer from the NJ Division of Elections FAQ about early voting.

Voting should be easy and accessible early voting is a powerful way to enable voters and support democracy.

Vote by mail starts in late September

Register to vote or vote-by-mail,
check registration details, g
et info!

New Jersey Voter Information Portal >

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Legislative District


Our Home


Fundraiser co-hosted with the Rockaway Township Democrats
Afternoon on the Lake!
Sunday September 12, 2-4pm
Lake Telemark Clubhouse, Rockaway Township, NJ

Join us – indoors, outdoors, and by the beach with refreshments and appetizers!

Meet Melissa and Pamela, who can answer your questions about the race, issues in LD26, and the inspired leadership they will bring to Trenton!

LD26 has not elected Democrats in 40 years... 2021 is the year we flip it, and we need your involvement.

Murder Mystery Campaign Fundraiser

Slay the Day
Monday September 20, 6pm
The Horseneck Tavern, North Caldwell, NJ

An entertaining evening of dining and mystery!

Will you be the victim, a suspect, or the attacker?
Will you solve the mystery by putting all of clues together first?
We can’t wait to find out — and we hope to see you there!

Doors open 6 pm. Event begins at 6:30 pm.

PS: Feel free to dress up for a ‘90s billionaire masquerade’.