Melissa Brown Blaeuer and Pamela Fadden for New Jersey's 26th Legislative District

Our people-first agenda is about what's right and what's real.

Promote personal prosperity and an inspired vision for the future -- the essential principles of American democracy.

Empower people to reach their full potential, with the right tools, information and opportunities.

Bring sound reasoning, no games, and pure common sense.

Collaborate, cooperate and innovate -- cement enduring strength, stability, peace and community from the top down and bottom up.

Bring lasting growth with big ideas and vision.

Build a strong, sustainable Green Economy for the 21st Century.

Make strategic investments in modern technology, business practices and Infrastructure, and accessible, affordable, efficient Healthcare and Education.

Protect the Environment to preserve biodiversity and promote climate stability, and improve our quality of life -- and health -- with clean energy and non-polluting systems.

We are a voice of reason and real American values in the digital wilderness.

We hold these truths to be self-evident -- that the right to life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness mean putting reason before conspiracy, humility before hubris, and the rights of the individual -- social justice, civil rights, voting rights, and respect and equality -- before harm, chaos and division.

No matter the technology, the bad influencers, or the times.

We are proud to be your Democratic candidates.

We are sincere, proven, and experienced leaders, women and mothers -- who will change the tone and the vision in politics, in LD26, and in Trenton.

We are grateful for your support!

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We are the Blue Wave in LD26.
A real choice in a pivotal race.

We bring real representation to the 26th district

Butler North Caldwell West Caldwell Fairfield Jefferson Kinnelon Lincoln Park Morris Plains Montville Parsippany-Troy Hills Rockaway Township Verona West Milford

by focusing on what really matters.


We want strategic investments, sensible policies that build the middle class and help real people without overtaxing them. We want good jobs and business know how — to build a 21st Century economy.
We're smart. We
work hard.
deserve better.


We want a great education for our kids at every age — to become good citizens who will prosper, build wealth and meaningful lives, and contribute to the economy and their communities, and a future of innovation and opportunity.


We want modern infrastructure homes and businesses that don’t lose power, green, clean energy, fast, affordable internet, healthcare and child care, well-maintained roads and bridges, and public transit that keeps us going in the right direction.

We are united.

We want our communities to be great places
our children can grow strong and our parents can grow old.

We want vibrant downtowns, faith in the future, peace and security,
healthy families, and clean air and water.

...and we don’t want to break the bank
or be taxed out of state for this.

It's not too much to ask!

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